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Our mission is to Enlighten, Educate, Entertain & Empower by exploring the metaphysical (things beyond the physical). We particularly focus on developing our innate psychic ability.  We are a non-denominational group of curious individuals. "Everyone

People Interested in Metaphysics

Hi, You found us! We are the "Official" MUFON meet up site for all the Chapters located in the state of Florida.  We State Section Directors, State Directors and Chief Investigators want to WELCOME you to our combined Network! We represent all the co


This is a place for movie fans, crew and talents connect to each other. Usually we hang out at restaurants, karaoke bars, fine art galleries, theaters, play bowling, pooling and games and discuss new films and technology. Most of us are hardworking p

Fun Fellows

Have you witnessed something you can't explain? Have you experienced something of a paranormal nature? This is a safe place that you can share your story without fear of ridicule. Even if you've never seen anything unexplained and just have an intere

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UFO Enthusiasts

Welcome to the Paranormal Society Meet-Up group located in Nashville, TN. The focus of our group is to participate in investigations of all things paranormal a social and learning environment. We feel it is important that every member have a chance

Paranormal Investigators

Meet fellow Paranormalists near you! Come to a Seacoast Paranormal Meetup to explore all elements of the paranormal. Whatever intrigues you -- UFOs to ghosts, phantoms to psychics -- come to find your own truths. Or come to see if you have what it ta

Paranormal Believers

Interested in the dark side of London? This meetup group is for you! Spooky London is a friendly social group for anyone interested in ghosts, horror and dark history subjects, like Victorian spiritualism, vampires and the occult. All ages welcome.

Spooky Friends

Welcome to Spirits Ghost Tours! You've seen ghost hunting on TV, now come  experience it yourself! Spirits Ghost Tours is a community of people just like you who are seeking an opportunity to experience the mystery and excitement of paranormal inves


The Aliens are here! Their ships are landing and it is time to: PREPARE FOR CONTACT! Welcome to the valley's premier Meet Up Group for the most comprehensive up to date information on UFO's provided by some of Arizona's leading researchers in the fie


Meet other UFO and Conspiracy buffs in your town. They're out there. This is the merger of the Conspiracies-High Strangeness Meetup with the Vancouver UFO Meetup. Our new name: UFO, Conspiracy and Mysterious Realms Meetup means that we expand our foc


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April 13, 2014

This Coven is for practitioners whom have time to meet and attend meet ups only! Which means! SERIOUS PRACTITIONERS ONLY! NOTE: Mainstream has definitives between Wicca and Witchcraft. I have no definitives between the two. I grew up within a family

April 11, 2014

This group is about alien abduction, alien contact and UFO experiences. Its also about government conspiracies, suppressed technology, Black Projects, and the truth about the Illuminati and who and what is controlling our world right now. This group

Curious Minds
April 5, 2014

MUFON, The Mutual UFO Network is starting a New Orleans chapter. This is a group dedicated to the serious research and study of the UFO and related phenomena. Check out http://www.mufon.com/

April 3, 2014

Looking to start a meetup to do some skywatches...hopefully meet some like minded people and see some interesting stuff!

April 1, 2014

Ever seen Lighting ?, Then you know there is unlimited energy in the air. There is enough energy in the air to power our homes and cars CLEANLY without running wires to our homes and putting fossil fuels in our cars. Nikoli Tesla converted a 1932 Pie

March 30, 2014

(Beforehand, We are not here to endoctrinate, brain wash or try to change one's view. We are here to talk about a variety of subjects which the majority are controversial and make information available to all so we can draw our own conclusions just l

star children
March 30, 2014

The purpose of this meeting group is to establish teams of universal ambassadors, or citizen diplomats, to extraterrestrial civilisations visiting Earth. We welcome and invite these groups to go out and meet those ET visitors on common ground for the

Pledge partners / Participants
March 29, 2014

Are you tired of having no one to talk to about things that are very important... but nobody wants to hear about? Conspiracies, aliens, ghosts, new world order, government lies, the harm of RFIDs, space explorations, new technologies, Book of Urantia

Coast to Coasters
March 24, 2014

Our purpose in creating a group is to learn and develop our spirituals qualities and life purpose.Any one how has a true desire of finding their ways in life should join.

Kuan Yin children
March 22, 2014

I am wanting to start a group behind this theme because I need to find others like me who are fellow experiencers, not "flakes" or people with emotional problems posing as abductees, but people who have really experienced this phenomonen. WE are not

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